Here are just a few tips that will help you cut costs on mailing out information about your special occasions.

1. Choose postcards and skip double envelopes.


Postcard designs are available for RSVPs, Save the Dates or Thank You Notes - this saves you postage and the expense of extra envelopes. You may choose to skip the inner/outer envelopes and printed liners – instead, add a pop of color with a single envelope.

2. Choose flat designs


Flat cards without any folds, raised textures or embellishments are your most budget-friendly options. Products with added embellishments and folds require excessive processing, which makes the end product more expensive. Simple, flat card invitations can be some of the most elegant – remember less is more! Many retailers offer all-inclusive sets for one low price.

3. Use the Back.


Instead of ordering extra smaller insert cards, consider including your directions, accommodations, or itineraries on the back of the invitation.

4. Avoid odd shapes, excess layers or extra cards.

Square and bulky items cost extra when mailing them out. You may also be tempted to add embellishments such as bows or wax seals, but anything that increases the weight of each enclosure will increase your postage cost.

5. Choose Self-Mailers.


Similar to the ever-popular pocketfolds, these are single sheet invitations that fold up and mail without the need for envelopes. You can choose from a variety of designs that feature detachable response postcards.

6. Make it multi-purpose.


Turn your invitations into a keepsake by including your favorite engagement photo, or give guests a game to play. You can create your own word search, mad libs or crossword puzzle and add a little fun and personality to your wedding programs. Here is a link to create your own crosswords and see ideas for how to incorporate fun and games into your special day:

Crossword puzzle Generator:

Mad Libs Wedding Ideas:

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- Kelly King is a designer at Gossett Printing / Affordable Wedding Invites in Salem, IL