By Lindsay Stockhecke  



If you haven’t noticed DIY weddings are all the rage right now, and why not?  With Pinterest and endless blogs giving you a guaranteed roadmap it seems like a foolproof approach to your wedding that will cut major cost.  So, before you take the DIY wedding plunge here are some things to consider to ensure you don’t bite off more than you can chew.

1. How Martha are you?  

Tackling your wedding décor can be super fun and a great time to rally your girls together for some cocktails and crafting, but if you aren’t super creative to begin with this could be more frustrating than fun.  You don’t want to have the added stress of learning new skill in addition to all the other inevitable wedding stress, so do a little soul searching beforehand.

2. Storage Space

How much space do you have to store all your creations?  Wedding décor can quickly take up space once you consider all the elements to include.  Before you tackle 30 centerpieces be sure you have somewhere to convenientlystore those bad boys for the next six months.

3. Budget

A common misconception is that DIY weddings are significantly cheaper and in some cases this is true, but not always.  Depending on how crafty you are will determine how many random items you may need to purchase (think, do you already have a Criket for all that fabulous signage you’re daydreaming about?). Between your local craft store and Etsy you may be able to purchase items outright so crunch those numbers, baby!

4. Transport

Once created, all your DIY décor will need transported to your venue (unless your wedding is at your place).  When planning this component, you will want to look at how early you are able to drop items off at your venue, how much vehicle space you will need (ie will it take more than one trip in your mini cooper) and who will be doing the transporting.  If you have ample time and space plus a designated gopher to transport your items you’re golden, if not you may want to rethink things.

5. Set up 

Okay, you have created all your stunning décor, stored it for months, transported it and it is now your special day and it is all piled on a table.  So, who is setting up all this fab décor?  Designating a point person is absolutely essential or else you may end up walking down the aisle and realizing your aisle is missing.  We suggest a team for this job because all the tiny pieces can quickly add up to several hours of work.  If the majority of your guests are out of towners they may not be too keen on the idea, but if you have a whole slew of family and friend’s eager to execute your dream DIY wedding, sign ‘em up!  

Whether you hop on the DIY train or take another route be sure to consider what will make the process as enjoyable and low stress as possible.  Avoid the frustration and regret by going into it with your eyes wide open and maintaining all (or some) of your sanity.



Signage Credit
Photography: Monique Serra Photography
Floral Design: Good Seed Floral
Coordination, Signage: Clink and Kiss

Centerpiece Photo Credits
Photography – White Ash Photography
Event Planning – The Heirloom