Thank you for considering Southern Illinois Weddings as part of your overall marketing strategy. We have a ton of plans to keep expanding this website so new features will be added regularly! The purpose of this guide is to get vendors on the right track for easy maintenance of listings, offers, events and other features!

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2. Create your listing

Free listings will always be free. There are some great reasons to upgrade to the paid packages:

  • Paid listings allow us to leverage more outside advertising, which is laser-focused on Southern Illinois instead of nationwide.
  • Listings are reasonably price - $100-$200 per year compared to $2000+ a year for some of the nationwide directories.
  • Brides like to shop local- the Platinum Package will put you at the top of the local results as a featured vendor!
  • You get many great features with paid packages - embedded videos, photos, your logo, more contact options, etc. 
  • You can save money by buying a year at a time, or pay monthly with easy recurring payments - No contracts, no cancellation fees. Ever.

To get started, head to the vendor login section, create an account and start your listing!


3. Spread the Word

One of our biggest goals is to get every wedding professional in the 618 area into the directory. We search online through a variety of sources to find Vendor websites and verify their contact information. We'd love it if you could help us by forwarding this page to vendors that you know so that they can claim their free listing.

The other major part is social media. We'd love it if you'd take a minute to like our page! It would be great if you told your facebook audience about your listing as well!

Do you know of any bridal shows coming up? Let us know!

4. Get More Online Exposure.

Are you a good writer? Do you have experiences you'd be willing to share? Consider writing articles for our Wedding 101 series!

Are you a photographer that has work you think is worthy to be shared to the masses? How about submitting a wedding?

Interested in purchasing larger pieces of ad space? We'll have an app for that, but for now contact This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.


Something more? We offer custom webdesign and SEO services. This directory is also a Southern Illinois business - we are in the unique position to do things that nation-wide directories cannot. Have an idea? This email address is being protected from spambots. You need JavaScript enabled to view it.